At World Champion Taekwondo – New Fairfield, we pride ourselves on being able to provide programs designed specifically to tailor the needs of each age group. We have expert instructors who are trained in catering to the needs of children, teens, and adults. Throughout all our programs, though, we strive to enforce one belief:

Train With A Champion | Train Like A Champion

Little Tigers

3 TO 4 YRS

  • Our Little Tigers Program is designed specifically for 3 to 4 year olds. The classes are 30 minutes long. The program entails an elongated version of our typical Beginner’s Program so as to fit the capabilities of the younger kids.


5 TO 11 YRS

  • Children aging 5 to 11 years old begin their training through our Beginner’s Program. This program is a two rank system (none and white belt). In this program, our students are trained in the basics of Taekwondo and are taught the fundamental moral beliefs of the Taekwondo martial artist.
  • After completion of the Beginner’s Program, students will enter into our regular children classes. This program is tiered in three different levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Students are in: Level 1 from Yellow to Blue Belt; Level 2 from Brown to Red Belt; and Level 3 from Red/Black to Black/Yellow Belt. Each level is designed to build upon knowledge from the previous level becoming more and more challenging, which supports our desire for our students to persevere through their endeavors.


12 TO 17 YRS

  • Our Teens Program is designed for older students and is modeled after the Children’s Program, though made to be up to par with the higher capabilities of teens. The program consists of harder fitness lessons, more detailed instruction, and more advanced skill development.



  • Adult students have the added needs of stress and metabolism issues that come with lifestyle and age. The non-violent nature of Taekwondo movements, combined with light warm-ups and stretching, address these issues; the classes add social interaction that adults need to help them relax and learn better.